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It is important to have a steady plan to set aside money for the upkeep and repair of your roof, but the reality is that most of the time, we are caught off guard when roofing issues arise. Even if the damage is covered by your insurance, you may still be required to pay a significant deductible that is outside of your financial means. Alternatively, you may determine that rather than making repairs, it is time to completely replace the old roofing materials with ones that are newer and better. Roof Pro and Home Improvements present customers with an array financing options to help cover costs when the unexpected happens. If you are considering financing options for your roofing job, whether it be roof repair or roof replacement, you should check out our options.

We Provide Insurance Claims Assistance

We help handle your insurance claims filing to make sure you get the best possible result with seeking settlement to cover the cost of your roof repairs. Our homeowners get the best and most trusted service that cooperates with insurance companies to provide financial aid for homeowners. The advantages of our services include professional claims filing service, guaranteed insurance settlements and a hassle free claims filing process.

Roof Repair and Maintenance Plans

We provide our clients with the option of having a subscription type service to cover monthly, quarterly or biannual roofing repair, inspection, and maintenance services. Clients can customize their plans to include the services they would like to engage regularly, and this way, stay prepared for roofing emergencies.

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