How Asphalt Shingles Are Made

Hundreds of raw and manufactured materials are sent to freight yards and receiving docks at high-racking roofing plants. These materials will then be turned into

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We’re offering financing plans to help our clients stay prepared for and cover monthly, quarterly and bi-annual roofing inspection, maintenance, and repair services.

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George Hair Owner or RoofPro And Home Improvements

Meet The Owner

George Hair founded Roof Pro and Home Improvements in 2015 having gathered four decades of industry experience working in some of the most prestigious roofing companies in the area. Dedicated to providing unbeatable roofing services, George handpicks the members of his team to include hardworking and innovative roofing professionals, working hand in hand to consistently refine the service we provide and find better methods to deliver it. He is always ready to lend his expertise to any project that comes in, including consultations. George works hard to build the company to city-wide prominence to ensure that we are able to reach the clients that need us the most.

- George Hair

Frequently Asked Questions

When is it not a good idea to build a roof?

Although roofing projects can be completed in any temperature, it is generally advised not to be done when the temperature is below 40 degrees or when it is above 85 degrees. Professional roofing contractors generally agree on this.

When is the most ideal time of year to work on roofs?

The autumn is often regarded as the optimal time to install a new roof.

The changing of the seasons may have a significant influence on several aspects of your roof replacement, including the amount of precipitation, temperature, and humidity. The speed with which your work may be finished might also be impacted by the weather conditions.

Is it possible to complete a roof in a single day?

Fixing a roof is a laborious and noisy process. The installation of a new roof typically takes place over the course of two days, however this timeframe may vary greatly depending on the size of your roof. There are certain tasks that can be finished in a single day, while others can take three. Regardless of whether the repair of your roof will take one day or three, we will finish it as fast as possible.

Do you give roofing estimates?

Yes, we do, you can call us to request one right now!

Why can't I carry out my roof repairs by myself?

DIY is generally not recommended with most roof repair work. Repairing or replacing a roof is a job that requires specialized training for the professionals that work in the roofing industry. Roofs can get badly damaged when novice roofers use poor roofing methods, and they themselves can suffer serious injuries if they fall off or even through a roof that is in need of repair or replacement.

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